About ToddleeDoo

The original and first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in Secondlife created from hardwork of Bit McMillan at CuteBytes Store.

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.6

Toys & Misc Help

Much like furniture most toys can be adjusted to fit the toddledoo however there are some items which can not be that come no mod or without sizers that work well for our smallness.

Below is provided a list of places seperated out and marked to be adjustable or prefitted items.

Toys - playable, holdable and ridables
Sweet Baby
~Dinky Duck~
Larnia Kids Mainstore
Glowbug Punks

Misc - Mess Makers, Tats, Funny Add-ons & Jewelry Items
.:Something Cute:.
~Dinky Duck~
Glowbug Punks

To be listed simply grab the Notecard in the Official ToddleeDoo Support Group Notices.