About ToddleeDoo

The original and first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in Secondlife created from hardwork of Bit McMillan at CuteBytes Store.

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.6

Clothing Creation 411

Wanting to be a designer or already a designer and wish to transfer clothing to ToddleeDoo form?

This is NOT on how to create clothing on gimp or PS etc. You MUST have knowledge of basic secondlife clothing files first and be able to create and upload before continuing on this page.

This is a quick easy quide on creation of your basic HUDs.

Step 1. 
Open the Notecard labeled "0 - Info & Instruction (ToddleeDoo)"

Step 2.
In the Notecard scroll down till you see the heading

Clothes Designing:

Step 3. 
Save the attachments "*CB* ToddleeDoo Clothes - On Touch" and "*CB* ToddleeDoo Clothes - On Worn" to your inventory.

Step 4.
Rez either On Touch or On Worn on the ground depending on how you wish your HUD to be activated.

Step 5.
Open contents of the rezzed HUD and copy the script to your inventory.

Step 6.
Delete HUD on ground and now create a simple prim object box using build.

Step 7.
Place the script you saved into the new objects contents.

Step 8.
Go to Tools/Build menu depending on viewer make sure set scripts to running then do a reset scripts on the new box with the script inside.

Step 9.
Name your object matching your outfit example "Cutebytes Rainbow Dress HUD"

Step 10.
IN description decide whether you wish the clothing to be applied via skinny layer, looser layer or give the option to customer to choose their own. Follow this easy guide and place the single word given in the description line of your object.

Looser - Applies to only looser layer
Skinny - Applies to only skinny Layer
ALL - Gives the option for the customer to decide which layer

Step 11.
Now we are on to our clothes. First let's make sure 3 simple things.
  • Textures are full perm
  • Upper layer ((commonly undershirt,shirt jacket) has the term "shirt" in name
  • Lower Layer ( commonly pants, underwear) has the term "pants" in name

Step 12.
Drag one texture at a time into the contents section of your new box with script. When doing this you will see a short message in local chat saying shirt/pants added.

Step 13.
Now that you have dragged either both or single texture inside the contents and received your message. Simply touch the object box on the ground. This will set the uuid's to memory saving them. You will get a new message in local saying to reset etc IF wish to redo. This is only a safety message to let you know the HUD is complete and if wish to redo you must reset script first to clear the old texture uuid's out.

Step 14. 
Add your logo, cute image, any graphic wish to the new box and set its perms. Always keep it as NO modifiy. Trans or Copy is your choice of course.No modifiy simply keeps the customer from accidently resetting the script and loosing their clothing.

All done with simple single HUD creation.

Want to have a more advanced HUD offering choice of pant, underpants, shirt and undershirt?
This is very simple to do.

Step 1.
Follow ALL steps 1-11

Step 2.
Decide what your box will be and drag ONLY that texture inside following Steps 12 & 13 from above.

Step 3.
Create your next box repeating the steps. Remember you are only doing the single texture and either skinny or looser each time.

Step 4.
Create a single larger box NO script with a main image. Use edit and move your smaller boxes to it and position it nicely for your new look.

Step 5.
Link all boxes together making the UNscripted box your root prim. You can make and create as many optional buttons (box huds) in this manner as you would like to and link them to root.

Wallah you now have a complex cute new HUD.

Note : Once you have created your HUD or HUDs pull them into inventory and "ADD" them in attachment HUD position from right click menu choices. It can be placed anywhere on screen but is best choose a spot rarely used by other HUDs such as AO's and huggers as we do not wish to continually knock the customers items off when using.