About ToddleeDoo

The original and first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in Secondlife created from hardwork of Bit McMillan at CuteBytes Store.

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.6

Thursday, December 13, 2012

RE Update !

The bug in the feet for alphing has been fixed ! Make sure to use your HUDs and click on update.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mesh Kid Foot Glitch

There is a small glitch in the foot area on the kid mesh body. The clothing hud seems to be talking to the wrong layer causing the feet to change to "skin" to the clothing and stopping the ability to alpha if a texture clothing applying has the full foot textured in the original upload texture file. Which more than likely does as we use the same file for SL layers as the TD Huds.

There is some feet hiders available in *Oh Daisies* for now for free on desk till this can be fixed in an update for ya'll.

Foot Hiders HERE

Friday, December 7, 2012

PreMade Mesh Clothing

In the beginning Bit released a "beta" mesh sweater. This was to test how mesh worked on the toddledoo avatar and could be achieved. Currently there is NO final non-beta version of this freebie test sweater. Meaning if you use or purchase it we can NOT garuntee it is not flawed nor that it will not have to updated in future. We do ask that is NOT mass produced as this creates alot havoc support asking "why is this fitting wrong". Use and purchase at own risk !

There IS however current full working versions of pre-made clothing mesh pieces to pattern over if wish to go this way. The creator is ramon Jonstone. Below is a direct link to in-world purchasing.

Visit *RS* Mesh in world !

v2.1 Mix Up

The first release of 2.1 had a fluke.

 We can all forgive right? Wrong body was boxed and sent no worries. If you had trouble and none of your mesh fit right just do another update and it will be fixed with the correct one !

 Just be kind and always remember we're human mistakes do happen and to always show kindness and respect when these things happen.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Current Version 2.1

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.1

Fixes Include :
NO more Vanished Clothing
Smoother Feet
Smoother Hands
Skinny & Looser fully Workable

Known Bugs & Known Fixes :
BUG : Underwear tries to return on relog.
FIX : Make sure go fully nekkied before dressing first time.