About ToddleeDoo

The original and first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in Secondlife created from hardwork of Bit McMillan at CuteBytes Store.

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.6

Hair Help

Hair is like a super important thing to both girls and boys it can set the avatar or ruin the entire look in an instant so having quality and fitting hair is like a TOTAL must have right?

Downside we can NOT wear mesh hair that comes below the neckline. The neck area is where our biggest deform beneath the mesh happens to crunch us down so cutely small.

Make sure you test any hair before purchase.

Below you will places for great shopping. List has been marked between boys & girls already for easier hunt through.

Hair Locations
Cutebytes - Carries specialized mesh hairs for TD - girls/boys
Exile at Covet - girls/boys
Lamb Mainstore - girls
*SAIKIN and booN hair main store - girls/boys
[elikatira] - girls
. ploom . Hair, Skins & Poses - girls
Maitreya - girls
fri.day - Flagship Store
Magika Mainstore - girls
[BURLEY] - girls/boys
Dura Main Shop - girls/boys
TRUTH Hair // - girls/boys
**LOVE SOUL** - girls
""D!va"" Main Store Isle - girls
! Sugarsmack ! Mainstore - girls
/Wasabi Pills/ MAIN STORE, - girls/boys
Discord Designs (-dDx-) Main store - girls/boys
R A W :: H O U S E - girls/boys
Entente Mainstore - boys
Drot- Flagship - boys

Note* Some hairs will not size small enough from their own resizers. As long as the hair modifiable when dropped to add a new resizer script do NOT worry we got you covered and fixed!

Follow the link below and the directions on page to hair size help.

Shrink your Hair Smaller - HERE

To be listed simply grab the Notecard in the Official ToddleeDoo Support Group Notices.