About ToddleeDoo

The original and first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in Secondlife created from hardwork of Bit McMillan at CuteBytes Store.

Most current version of ToddleeDoo is the 2.6

Getting Started

Step 1
First things first we need to buy the ToddleDoo Avatar right? It is recommended to purchase in world due to Linden Labs slow and failed behaviors of Marketplace.

Main location - Cutebytes

Other Locations:
*oh Daisies* Children's Boutique
Razzberry Inc.
*Aura's* Little Girl Fashion
:>Inner Peace Mainstore<: [Girls, Boys & Jrs]

More Locations to be added...

Step 2
When purchased we will receive a version Picker HUD. Do NOT open this on delivery. Wear the HUD and let's decide what we would like to be. Kid or Baby and are we Boy or Girl.

This is simple to judge we of course know whether we are make or female. However if you would like to use an old tot hud shape as a boy or simply like the girl faces more you CAN choose the boy. Its FINE.

Now what age would we like to be? Average ages ranges easily like below. Of course the bodies can be made taller, larger by altering the SL shape underneath but we want to stretch and mod the mesh as little as possible for best fit of clothing. Afterall this is mesh and let's face LL hasn't given us ability totally size changable fluid mesh yet.

Age 1-4 Baby
Age 5- Above Kid

Choose the one right for you and follow through with the HUD changes. It will in end deliver you that exact model of ToddleeDoo you have requested. KEEP the HUD. You can purchase future versions (( cange from baby to kid boy to girl)) at a discount buy direct from the HUD.

Step 3 
You have now received the ToddleeDoo package of your choice. Rez it out and open this box. Inside your new folder you will have the following items

0 - Info & Instruction (ToddleeDoo)
1 - Shape - BABY/KID - Girl/Boy (ToddleeDoo)
2 - Alpha (ToddleeDoo)
3 - Body - BABY/KID - Girl/Boy (ToddleeDoo)
4 - Body Controller HUD (ToddleeDoo)

You will notice each item is numbered. This is the order you need to open.read and wear your folder please. This will help you and help to ensure is no glitches.deforms in the mesh. Below is a breakdown is what each item is for helpful knowledge.

0 - Info & Instruction (ToddleeDoo) - This is your basic Notecard. It not only includes basic how to but advanced options such as more skin HUDS for the body. Designers info and scripts/HUD for creating your own clothing to sale. Tips, tricks for any issues along with a Bugs Report Notecard to please use if face any techincal issues such as the body stopped working, clothes vanishing on teleport etc.

1 - Shape - BABY/KID - Girl/Boy (ToddleeDoo) - This is your Secondlife shaper. You MUST wear it the first time regardless to ensure the mesh forms correctly when attached. It is fully modifiable BUT it is best to see the Shape Help before editting anything below the neck and ALWAYS make a copy or original before editting anything.

2 - Alpha (ToddleeDoo) - Your alpha layer. Wear. You will "add" any other alpha used after this such as for smaller hairs to hide back of head or ears for elf ears. This removes the SL body from neck from view leaving only the mesh SL head and mesh body visible.

3 - Body - BABY/KID - Girl/Boy (ToddleeDoo) - Your brand new mesh body. This is IT what you been waiting for the cuteness of being a realistic child or baby in Second Life. This is the body everyone will see when they see you !

4 - Body Controller HUD (ToddleeDoo) - Your controller HUD. This controls anything and everything you need as basics. Nail colors, Limited skin coloring (( remember I already said is a larger skin HUD in NC)) Let's Break this HUD down a bit more to make it easier.

  • Nail Color Slider can be found in the center of the HUD. This can not only control the color but if look there is a slider to control the darkness this ranges from super bright to no polish at all.
  • Skin Controls at top is a small selection with a color box to help get the right matched skin body. There is an extra 18 Skin HUD in the Notecard and many stores sale both SL Layer skins and HUD for perfect matching. Look under Skin Help for more help.
  • Alpha Layers for clothing and feet etc  yanno when things need that little extra help can be found easily. The Black Body on the lower left. Any part you touch and make vanish will also go invisible on your mesh body matching that of using normal Alpha Layers on Secondlife Shapes.
  • Help/Update is a useful tool to replace a borked copy you have had suddenly happen or simply to make sure updated to most current version of the TodddleeDoo.
  • Underwear can control well undies!
  • Take Off allows you to remove any piece of the clothing you are wearing. Skinny and Looser are in menu seperetly as well as pants and top.
  • The Camera this on red is off. if you touch turn it green then your view point will move down to your eye level of your avatar height.

One helpful Tip : Once you have purchased or have a few clothing items. Use the HUD to go totally nekkied. There is a safety feature that stops the skinney from vanishing which will continually try to reapply it upon teleport or relog so if say you didn't remove undies? They'll Keep trying to come back!! NOOO nekkied BUTTTS allowed.

Now that we have our basics you can move forward to the next links in pages row. Reading up on these can truely be helpful in getting just that right unigue look for you.